Going to Ballymaloe

Darina Allen of Ballymaloe cookery school

Darina Allen of Ballymaloe cookery school

Many years ago--more than a decade--I came across an article about the Ballymaloe Cookery School in County Cork, Ireland, and imagined what an amazing experience it would be to attend.

I was in the thick of raising two children by myself and dreaming was all I could do--it was all I could ever imagine I'd do.  Ballymaloe isn't cheap.  But more than just the cash money, there's the time away from everything else:  from being a single mother, from working to support three people, from trying to establish a career. 

Fast forward fifteen years.  I remarried--a great guy.  My youngest graduated from high school.  I'm burned out from my work and desperately want a new career.  My husband said, "remember that dream?"  Then he pushed me to make it happen. 

I leave in 45 days to pursue that dream.  I'm headed to Ballymaloe.  Sometimes if you wish long enough and get a little lucky, dreams do come true.