Elizabeth Gilbert’s Creative Living at the Dallas Museum of Art

I drove three hours Tuesday night to hear Elizabeth Gilbert speak on creative living.  Her talk can be summed up on one sentence:

Always choose curiosity over fear.

I think that’s a message we need to hear daily.  So many things are scary.  But why do we let those things stop us from doing what we want?  What might make us happy?  Or might bring joy?

I was contemplating a big decision the other day, one that I have wanted to say yes to for a long time but thought I’d have to wait a few more years to make it happen.  Then I realized that I could probably make it happen next year.  I was excited.  But scared.  And I wondered why fear was taking hold?  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time.

But perhaps in anything that represents a big change will naturally come with a degree of fear.  That’s normal.  But not doing it just because fear is there is wrong.  The right thing is to say YES, despite the fear.

And so I choose yes and curiosity over fear.